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sector - bronze, bronze plus, silver, goldand platinum - and costs are based on the amount of coverage,says

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Whenever using the Gloria Jeans Hot chocolate pods, it doesn’t dispense and then the red D light flashes and beeps constantly until I turn the machine off

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If your child or a child that you care for has been prescribed a codeine product for any reason, you should watch your child closely for signs of an overdose

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After my 3rd visit they admitted me and put me through the tests

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as ‘Ice’), alprazolam (known as Xanax), marijuana, Ethylone (known as ‘Molly’

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It is the interpretation of the terms of the benefit plan at issue that determines the outcome of their claims.

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"I've given samples out to patients, saying, 'I've no idea if this will work.' Nothing yet has been found to enhance female arousal."

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There may not be enough of certain chemicals necessary for a muscle to function properly, called electrolytes, which can cause nerve signals to not travel correctly

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