Performance and Quality
Performance and Quality
Get the most from your light show with Black Label Premium Fog Fluids. Each formula is carefully designed for the task at hand… from a bold wall of fog to sharp ray tracing to vibrant bursts of steam. And don’t forget Black Label Cleaner to keep your fog machine clear and primed for action.

Proudly Made In The USA

Use the correct formula in your machine and intended effect.

  • Each Black Label fog fluid is carefully formulated to a specific effect
  • Using the wrong formula can result in poor results. For example, a high density formula will not work in a machine designed for vertical discharge “steam” effects.
  • Empty tanks and run cleaner through machines between long periods of inactivity

Characteristics of Black Label Formulas

  • Color: How visible is the fog to the audience. Transparent, translucent and white are most common. Color is also related to density.
  • Density: How thick does the formula appear in the air and how does it interact with light? The higher the density, the less transparent and greater color.
  • Hang time: How long does the fog hang in the air?
  • Dispersion: How wide or narrow does the fog spread in the air?
  • Dissipation: How quickly does the fog disappear?
  • Location: Is the fog designed for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Power:  How well does the fluid atomize in lower power heaters?
  • Machine Type: What is the primary effect of the machine used? Is the right formula being used?
All Black Label formulations are produced using only premium ingredients

  • 100% virgin materials and containers
  • US Pharmacopeia grade active ingredients approved for use in food and fragrance products
  • US Pharmacopeia grade water filtration processes that produce water 40 times purer than drinking water. This multi-stage process meets USP 24, USP 51 and USP 61 standards and include multiple filters, .02 Micron reverser osmosis and ultraviolet sterilization.

Quality Control

  • ISO 9001 Compliant production processes
  • Stringent supplier qualifications
  • Multi-stage on-site laboratory testing

o   Incoming inspection of raw ingredients
o   In-process analysis during production
o   Finished production lot inspection
o   Test records and fluid sample saved for each production lot

  • 100% traceability of each production lot, all the way back to raw ingredient supplier